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Give Every One Of Your Students Maths Confidence

Online math classes tailored to each student from expert teachers

Customized Maths Tutoring Programs Designed for Schools



Make learning foundational concepts in mathematics enjoyable and instill lifelong confidence in children.
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Fill in the missing knowledge from Year 1-6, cultivate mathematical and logical thinking abilities.


Develop student's abilities in arithmetic, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and mathematical communication.

Why 1on1Math is favored by schools

You pick which students you'd like to support with weekly online 1:1 tutoring sessions.
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Personalised for target students

Specialist maths tutors

We're extremely picky in our selection process for our tutors — Less than 3% make it in. They then receive extensive training on our unique teaching method.
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Personalised lessons for each child

Based on ongoing assessments, lessons are selected specifically to focus on each child’s gaps. We follow your school’s curriculum.

Proven to boost results

75% of our students showed a significant increase in maths test scores.
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Prices that suit school budgets

One-on-one online tutoring from 1on1Math is on average 50% cheaper than running remedial sessions with existing school staff. 

What schools say about 1on1Math

How it works

Personalised maths tutoring program for your most in-need pupils
at a time that’s suitable for your school
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How is 1on1Math typically funded in schools?

Most schools may have funding available for students who require additional maths support. Scholarships may be available for students who demonstrate financial need or exceptional aptitude in maths. In some cases, government grants may be available to support private maths lessons for students who require additional help.

How will your quote be determined?

The cost of each program is determined by how many students you want to support and how long you'd like to sign up for it. Since we strive to consider each school's distinct circumstances, it is difficult to offer an accurate cost estimate without first discussing your school's requirements and deadlines.

Where can I find a general cost estimate?

1one1Math offers one-on-one tutoring that is typically 50% less expensive than providing one-on-one interventions with current school personnel. Your students can receive highly customized one-on-one instruction for less money from 1on1Math because all of our courses are given online through our worldwide tutor community.

Is this affordable and appropriate for all school sizes?

Yes. From small schools with fewer than 30 students to schools with more than 300 students. You can join up for the weekly lessons with no minimum or maximum number of students, and we'll always try to work within your budget.

Are you ready to get started?

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