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1-on-1 Fun and Gamified Math Lessons Starting From $8

Face-to-face math tutoring online

We keep your child engaged as we teach content through games

Your child will be better at math in no time!


Engages early learner’s mathematical thinking through gamified lessons.


Get your kids to love math at an early age.


Designed for  students of all learning styles, 1on1Math offers interactive content to help understand and master increasingly complex math concepts. Get ahead in numeracy and ace the NAPLAN test.


With an excellent math program designed by our expert team, students develop creativity and the ability to think, communicate, and solve problems. Be prepared and ready for senior studies!

Hi, we're 1on1Math.

We've helped hundreds of Australian families

It's been a difficult time for learning lately and we know you're concerned about your child's math learning. We're here to help. 1on1Math is known to be one of the best operating learning services in Australia. We make a difference!

Parents and students agree that 1on1 Math is the way to go for those looking to catch up, build confidence and excel at school.

Higher Math Grades


reported a significant increase in math test scores

Accelerated Learning
Confidence Boost



reported their child advanced beyond their grade level

reported a significant improvement in confidence towards math

Parents and Children Love 1on1Math!


"What I'm really interested in is for my child to engage in that joy of learning, being curious and wanting to know, and that's what 1on1Math has given us.” 

- Tamsin C, Mom to 4 year old Alaska

“It's fun in the spaceship and I like winning golden stars and playing with numbers and learning them and I like coach Nina!”  

- Alaska

Watch Your Child Transform

Check out the videos below to see what your child can expect to experience in their 1on1Math lessons
Screenshot 2021-04-19 at 09.24.41.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 12.26.56 AMM.j
Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 12.21.46 AMM.j

See Your Child's Self-Confidence Grow

The best math teachers

We're extremely picky in our selection process - Less than 3% make it in. All our math coaches are college-educated and have an average of 3 years of teaching experience.

Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 10.45.27
Fun game-based classes

We've developed a method that turns learning math into a delightful game. While they're developing advanced math abilities, kids feel like they're playing a game.

Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 10.45.50
Individualized & personalized

Our math coaches are extremely caring and patient. The kids love all the attention they get from their math coach. And we even personalize the classes to your child's interests.

Lessons from only $8

Don't Take Our Word For It...

"Back on track"
My daughter was having a hard time concentrating in her Zoom classes, but these coaches keep her entertained and educated. Thanks to the coaches at 1on1math, my daughter was able to get back on track in just less than 2 months. I can't recommend them enough!


Mom to 5 year old Julie

"Math grades have improved"
My son was falling behind in class because he wasn't getting enough individual time from his teacher in school. I'm so glad I found 1on1Math. He loves learning from the coaches because they make it fun for him. Now, his math grades have improved!


Dad to 6 year old Jonathan

"More confident than ever"
My son didn't have that much confidence in math. I got really worried when the pandemic hit so I decided to try 1on1math out for him. He has been enjoying it and is more confident than ever!


Mom to 8 year old Benjamin

Unlock Your Child's Inner Math Whiz

Premium Educational
Math Games

Access to the best premium math games for your child to practice on their own 


Fun and interactive personalized classes with an excellent math teacher

Child Success

A dedicated academic advisor supporting your child on their customized progress path


For every lesson purchased, 1on1Math will
give a lesson to a child in need. Learn More.

Make An Impact On An Underprivileged Child's Life

Math Helps Your Child Develop Valuable Problem-Solving Skills For Life

Invest in your child's future today
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