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Teach Math The Awesome Way

Earn money making real math

real fun for kids

Set your own schedule

You decide when you want to work. Fit work into your life, not the other way around.

Earn good money

Make money teaching simple math concepts. The more you work, the more you earn.

Fun & rewarding

Have a ton of fun while making a real difference in real children's lives for good. 

What is 1on1 Math?

1on1 Math connects math coaches with young kids for fun, 1-on-1, online math lessons.

The math coach guides the child through solving math problems that are tailored to the child’s level using our unique method.

The child is rewarded with different gamified prizes such as new characters, accessories & badges as they master new concepts. 

  • Where do the 1-on-1 sessions take place?
    The 1-on-1 sessions with your math coach take place online via Zoom. A link is sent to your email before the session. Simply click on the link and follow the steps to join the session from your laptop or iPad/tablet device.
  • How do you integrate my child's regular schooling with 1on1Math?
    1on1Math’s progress path is guided by a team of passionate educators and is built on a foundation of a universal standard curriculum known as Common Core Standards, which is to a large degree universally common to math curriculums in all schools. So 1on1Math complements and reinforces classroom learning. Furthermore, our expert math coaches are happy to include in the sessions helping your child revise a specific concept they’ve recently come across in school or to even help them complete their math homework. You simply snap a photo of it and message your Child Success Specialist and they’ll take care of the rest! Finally, we would add that we are strong believers in the power of 1-on-1 - That through individualized instruction children can learn much better and much faster, and achieve much more, going much deeper and much further much sooner, than in a classroom setting with many other kids. And when they realize this and the advantage they have gained over a typical child their age, it fills them with a boost of self-esteem and confidence in themselves and their ability to learn anything and do anything they set their mind to.
  • If the classes are too hard or too easy for my child, what can I do?"
    Our method is to speedily assess the level of knowledge in the foundational areas in the first classes and should progress quickly to a level that is challenging for your child. This also ensures your child builds up plenty of confidence by the point they really need to think. If you feel the pace is too slow, or too fast, let your Child Success Specialist know and they'll work with you and your math coach to adjust accordingly to the right level for your child.
  • Can I use 1on1Math for help with my child's math homework?
    Yes! Our math coaches are more than happy to include helping your child complete their math homework into a regular session. Just let the math coach know this at the start of the session or when making the booking.
  • How many sessions should my child have each week?
    There is no restriction on the amount of classes our students can take each week. However, for the best results it's a recommended to do a bit of math every day. We recommend starting with once or twice a week in the beginning, and gradually increasing the frequency. We do our best on our side to make it super fun so your child will want to have more sessions and do more math.
  • I'd like to sign-up both of my kids. Can I book for more than one child?
    Yes! Just purchase an additional plan per each additional child.
  • How does 1on1Math protect my child's privacy?
    All our math coaches go through a strict selection process. They also receive training regarding confidential information. We will never share a child's information to any third party without authorization from their parents. Furthermore, you can ask us to delete your children's information any time.

Interested in becoming a Math coach or an Academic Advisor?

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