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Our teaching method for effective & fun learning

We build mathematical fluency and conceptual understanding in young kids using these fundamentals in our teaching process

Build a Solid Foundation

Math is cumulative - Each new skill builds upon previously built skills.

That's why all our students start at the very beginning as we do an assessment of all their foundational skills.

We use Khan Academy to remediate & fill in foundational gaps. And we teach the foundational concepts to mastery.

Individual Instruction

Quite simply, the most effective way for a child to advance ahead of his grade level is through 1-on-1 coaching.

Our trained math coaches customise the pace and level of learning for your child and really care for them and their progress. 

We begin the study at a level where your child can easily get perfect scores and build up their confidence. As they progress so does the academic level go up together with their sense of accomplishment. 

Gamified Learning

The best learning is fun learning.

Our secret sauce is how we keep your child challenged, motivated and excited as their math ability reaches new heights.

There are missions to accomplish, bosses to beat and rewards to be achieved as they level-up. We use award-winning games like Matific to make learning fun & engaging.

With points, badges and fun characters, your child will feel like math-time is actually play-time with their math coach.

Why will your child love learning math?

Experienced and engaging math coaches

We are extremely selective in our selection process.

All our math coaches are college-educated and have an average of at least 2 years of teaching experience.

Fun game-based classes

We have developed a method that turns learning math into a delightful game. While they're developing advanced math abilities, kids feel like they're playing a game.

Individual Attention

Our math coaches are extremely caring and patient with the kids. And the kids love all the attention they get from their math coach.  

Interested in 1on1 Math for your child?

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