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For every lesson you purchase,

1on1Math will give a lesson to a child in need

R1750  R1150
10 lessons with a private math teacher

R115 per lesson

R2900  R2000
20 lessons with a private math teacher

R100 per lesson

R75 per day
Unlimited lessons with a private math teacher

Unlimited & On-Demand

Hi, we're 1on1Math.
We know it's been a difficult time for learning lately and you're concerned your child is falling behind in math.
We're here to help.


Higher Math Scores

92% reported a significant increase in math test scores

Accelerated Learning

75% reported their child advanced beyond their grade level

Self-Confidence Boost

82% reported a significant improvement in confidence towards school math

Fun and interactive private tutoring classes with a specially-trained math teacher

Free Access to Top Educational Math Games

Access to the best premium math games for your child to practice on their own 

Child Success

A dedicated academic advisor supporting you and  your child's progress on their curriculum

What's included

Children love learning math with 1on1Math!

Check out the videos below for a taste of what your child can expect to experience in their first 1on1Math lesson

The best math teachers

We're extremely picky in our selection process - Less than 3% make it in.

All our math coaches are college-educated and have an average of 3 years of teaching experience.

Fun game-based classes

We've developed a method that turns learning math into a delightful game. While they're developing advanced math abilities, kids feel like they're playing a game.

Individualized & personalized

Our math coaches are extremely caring and patient. The kids love all the attention they get from their math coach. And we do our best to personalize to your child's interests.

Customer Reviews

Don't take our word for it...

"Thank you 1on1Math"
Thank you so much for helping my daughter. When her school moved to online classes over Zoom, she was having a hard time keeping up with the rest of the class and started falling behind. Her coach at 1on1Math got her back on track in less than 2 months. I can't thank you enough!


California, USA
"Improved math grades"
My son really likes how his tutor somehow always manages to include characters from his favourite game (Brawl Stars) into the lesson! And I really appreciate the personalized learning progress path you've created for him!


Washington, USA
"Confidence booster"
My son was suffering from low confidence in math. When lockdown hit I was worried how we were going to manage. Thanks to 1on1Math now his school teacher can't believe how smart he became during lockdown!


Tennessee, USA

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