• Reading the AWESOME way!
  • Improve their reading, writing and communication skills
  • Build their vocabulary.
  • Express themselves with more confidence.
  • 1-on-1 personalized teaching
10-class program
1-on-1 classes
5 - 10 year olds
50 min per class
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$160 total. Sign up with a friend & get 15% OFF.
100% guaranteed! Get a full refund before the start of the 2nd class if you’re not satisfied.

Foster a love for reading 

At 1on1Reading we believe reading should be an entry point for children to foster love for stories and to better express themselves. And what better way than to make it as fun as possible!
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 "Just WOW! 1on1Reading takes PERSONALIZED LEARNING to a whole new level!"

 "At first my child didn't liked to read short stories before bed, she found it boring. But now she's so excited for it and she even reads with me. The Child Success Specialist at 1on1Reading was great at spotting the areas my little Mary had trouble in and handcrafted the reading program just right for her level & aligned to her school curriculum, but her teacher even goes one step further and personalizes the classes to my daughter's favorite cartoon character, movies and games!

Ruby D, Mom to 7 year Mary


 Teachers Bring 
the Math Content


Our teachers work with our designers to create Math problems that challenge children & teach them to become problem solvers while having fun. 
Rest assured that your child being taught in a fun, safe, nurturing environment by experienced teachers who love teaching, and truly endeavour to teach children to love learning. 
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Game Designers Make It Fun 

Our game designers add interactivity and incentives while creating a world in which Math feels like play. Earn gems, unlock chests and collect hero characters while solving tricky math problems & playing exciting math games! 
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 "My kid loves to read more than I do now!"

"We just immigrated to Canada and Daniel (my 6 year old son) wasn't really used to speaking and reading in English. My fault really for not incorporating it in our daily lives. So that's when we decided to have him try this reading programWhen we started Daniel was struggle to read even the most basic words but now he sometimes corrects me for my pronunciation of words 

Mark G, Dad to 10 year old Naomi and 7 year old Ashton
IT Consultant 

 Jumpstart Your Child's Learning Beyond The Classroom

Among Our Customers Surveyed:


reported a significant increase in math test scores

Higher Math Grades


reported their child advanced beyond their grade level

Accelerated Learning


reported an improvement in confidence towards math

Confidence Booster
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 What Parents Are Saying




"What I'm really interested in is for my child to engage in that joy of learning, being curious and wanting to know, and that's what 1on1Math has given us.” 

- Tamsin C, Mom to 4 year old Alaska

Mom to an 8 yr old
Perth, Australia

"1on1Math is the best tutoring service! They really care about the children understanding and loving math."

Mom to a 4 yr old
Seattle, WA

"My son is always talking about how fun learning math is. I think he will become a math genius in no time!"

Mom to a 6 yr old
San Jose, CA

"I like finding a balance for my daughter. She is able to be on a device while enriching her mind, specially now still being under the limitations of COVID."

Dad to a 5 yr old
Johannesburg, SA

"I can't believe I didn't find 1on1Math sooner! With the pandemic, I needed something to occupy her since previously she had after school activities. I didn't want her spending hours on mindless screen time. They really cater to her interest so she's able to stay entertained through it all. I know she'll definitely want to continue taking lessons even after the pandemic."

Dad to a 10 yr old
Atlanta, GA

"I'm glad they're able to make my son participate in each lesson. He's learning a lot while he's playing the games!"

Mom to a 9 yr old
Daly City, CA

"The math coaches are always flexible with our schedule. We never have to worry about scheduling a lesson!"

Mom to a 6 yr old
Toronto, Canada

"The math coaches are always friendly! They make my son feel comfortable and help him gain confidence in math!"

Mom to a 5 yr old
Sydney, Australia

"I like how we were able to try a lesson for free before deciding to purchase from them. My daughter really enjoyed the first session! We're now doing it twice a week and she can't get enough of it."

Mom to an 8 yr old
Phoenix, AZ

"My son has been having a hard time in math this past year so I decided to give 1on1Math a try. I'm so glad I did! My son absolutely loves it. I can see him making progress and he wants to continue taking lessons. I think he's found a love for learning math. Thanks to 1on1Math!"

Mom to a 11 yr old
Manilla, Philippines

"I think the best part about 1on1math is how patient the math coaches are. My son takes a while to grasp concepts, but the math coaches really take the time to make sure he understands before moving on. They're always encouraging him to try again. He's improved in math in just 2 months!"

Mom to a 5 yr old
Sydney, Australia

"When the math coach was  teaching my son new shapes, I thought he might feel like it's too hard and get easily distracted. But I was amazed that he was able to grasp it so quickly! Thank you so much 1on1Math. You guys are working some magic!

Mom to a 7 yr old
Chicago, IL

"Thank you for allowing my son to reach his potential! He is inherently good at math, but lacks the confidence. I noticed the increase in confidence since he joined. I feel his ability to comprehend tough questions may come from the increase in confidence."

Mom to a 11 yr old
San Jose, CA

"As someone with a very strong interest in academia and director of 2 non-profit educational institutions, it brings me immense joy to come across awesome teachers. I really see 1on1Math scaling new heights in a very short span of time."

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