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1on1Math's Giving-Back Programme Takes Its First Steps In South Africa & India

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The winners of the 1on1Math - Afrika Tikkun Math Olympiad

Gosh! It's been over 6 months since I announced our 1-for-1 programme.

We've been so busy I've realized we've forgotten to share these exciting updates:

Afrika Tikkun Math Olympiad

Earlier this year we partnered with the good people at Afrika Tikkun.

Afrika Tikkun is an organization in South Africa doing incredibly good work. They're helping thousands of underprivileged kids in impoverished areas in South Africa.

With these amazing partners, we were able to put together a gamified Math Olympiad. And over 500 children participated!!

The Math Olympiad ran over 3 stages:

  • The Practice Stage: The kids earned points for revising their math materials. The materials were prepared by us in a customized progress path in Khan Academy.

  • The Qualifying Stage: Over 500 kids each got a turn on the Afrika Tikkun iPads. Here they got a chance to take an assessment like nothing they've ever done before! The questions were accompanied with a gamified storyline. As they answered the questions, they unlocked treasure chests. In the chests they found gems and occasionally Hero Characters. To be honest, initially we were wondering whether the kids would go along and finish the exam. However, those concerns were soon quashed. We soon learnt that not only did the kids complete the exam, but many actually did it multiple times! They wanted to find out which heroes they'd unlock the next time! :-)

  • The Final Stage - The finals was a huge event held in a big hall. The winners of the Qualifying Stage competed head-to-head in a fun & gamified Quiz Show! Afrika Tikkun took care of the logistics on the ground. And 1on1Math coaches hosted the live competition over big TV screens.

It was a fun day for everyone. And the 15 winners each won 1 year of free 1on1Math lessons! Well done!

"Who Wants To Be a Math Millionaire" at a school in India

Next up, we partnered with a sponsor in India. This time we got an opportunity to work with the adorable kids at Sir Sayeed Ahmed English Medium School in India. And they got an opportunity to experience the 1on1Math awesome way of learning.

The kids experienced our Who Wants To Be A Math Millionaire math game. They played in small group classes of 3-4 students together with a 1on1Math coach. It's been a memorable experience for everyone involved.

And now, we're working on equipping the teachers at the school with our math games and training them up on how they can gamify math themselves for the school's kids in the future.

Well, that's it for now, though I hope to be writing another update soon. If you know any organization that's working with underprivileged kids, I'd love to hear from you & get connected with them!

Warm regards,


Founder/CEO @ 1on1Math

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