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Summer Camp for your Little Ones

For many parents, sending their kids to a good summer camp is one of the best investments they can make for their child's future. And now, with the help of 1on1Math, it's easier than ever for you to find a great camp that meets your specific needs and budget. Summer camps provide an invaluable education for children.

They give them an opportunity to learn new things, socialize with their peers, make friends for life! All this contributes to a healthy, well-rounded childhood.

Based from studies, kids who were sent to summer camp grow up to be well-adjusted and intelligent adults. From all the education our kids received during the school year, they need an opportunity to apply and practice what they have learned. This is where a good summer camp comes in. By spending a month or two at a good summer camp, your child will not only learn new things; he will also get a chance to practice what he has learned.

Check out these summer camps:

The world is changing so rapidly that if you don't learn how to code, you are going to be left behind! It's obvious that as time goes by, our world transitions to a more digital world. Coding from scratch helps your kids learn how to create games so they can play them with friends.

Talk about good screen time huh?

Programming is a very technical and specialized skill that your kids will be ahead of their peers right away. In fact, you can get a job as a programmer anywhere at any age... even if you don't have a degree! Give your kids the unfair advantage of learning how to code from Scratch

It's good to learn math. It opens up the world for you.

When I was young, I never thought I liked math. I mean really, who likes math? At least the way it is usually presented in school? How can you even learn anything useful when the teacher makes the subject so hard and booooring?

That's why we are including math games in our summer camp. We mixed popular kid's games and found a fun way to incorporate math learning into it. - We won't focus on memorizing boring formulas but we will start focusing on real-world applications in a fun and gamified way!

It's good to learn reading… but it's great to have someone show you how if you really want to make an impact on your kid's life, you have to do more than just tell them to read. It has to be modeled to them. Or, you can enrol them to our 1-on-1 reading program in our summer camp.

This is a personalized and engaging reading program lead by our fun and encouraging reading coaches.

Effortlessly improve your kid's vocabulary, reading, writing and communication skills. Most importantly, boost your child's confidence!

These are important life skills that we will be facilitating. Details on how to be part of this fun and educational summer camp on the images below.

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