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Memorizing Through Play

How do you teach your toddlers to learn new academic information like days of the week and months of the year that will stick to them for the rest of their lives?

The answer would be by teaching it through play.

The first part of this lesson is about teaching your toddler to recognize things he is already interested in. This is the easiest part of this entire process by far.

If your kid is interested in numbers, I suggest you write down a bunch of numbers for him/her to learn together with everything he is already interested in. Write them on separate index cards or pieces of paper or simply print these numbers from 1on1Math. (email us at to request your copy of HD printables).

For example:

  1. Balloon

  2. Cars

  3. Dresses

  4. Dogs

  5. Food

  6. Fire trucks

  7. Flowers

  8. Horses

  9. Ice cream cone

  10. Jelly beans and so on

The point is, what you are writing down should be things your toddler is already interested in.

Once printed, tell him to put the cards or papers in his shirt pocket. Next, tell him he can take them out and look at them whenever he needs some "memory fuel." And, of course, every time

he takes one out, he will be reminded of what he has learned.

This will serve two important purposes.

First of all, it will make the process of "teaching him to memorize" a lot easier for you. Secondly, it will give him an excellent "memory fuel" to use whenever he needs some.

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