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A Father’s Day present from 1on1Math

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

I’m excited to announce our new Parent-And-Child Math Games Program. And our first Parent-And-Child Math Game is MATH ESCAPE ROOM!

So far it’s been super-popular with both kids and parents!

Personally, I really enjoy creating & playing Math Escape Rooms with my kids. So that’s why I’ve decided to give you a gift - a free Math Escape Room experience. It’s meant for your child to play together with their daddy (or mommy).

If you’re interested, check out this video & claim your gift here.

A little more about it...

One of the things I love about working on 1on1Math is that I get to dig into the budding young minds of so many smart kids. As a result, I get to see the patterns for how the most hard-working and successful kids learn. One aspect that differentiates the outliers is their positive attitude towards Math.

At a young age, your child’s self-confidence towards Math is being moulded. That mindset is likely to stick with them in their school years and into their careers.

As a parent, you play an important role in helping shape a positive outlook towards Math for your child. Your child is unlikely to engage in educational content on their own. So your involvement in helping your child develop basic Math literacy is key. And your approach on how to build that foundation will have an important effect on them. So finding the right Math program to support you is the highest leverage thing you can do for your child’s Math-confidence.

But this can be challenging. The odds of choosing well are stacked against you. When you look for Math worksheets, activities & games, you have an information disadvantage. It’s hard to know what meets the right balance of high academic value and also high fun & engagement value. Nor do you know what’s at the just-right level of difficulty to be suitable & challenging for your child. Most Math programs are designed for the masses - They’re not personalised for you & your child. And while there’s plenty of free stuff online, it’s often low academic and low engagement value. And, of course, it’s never personalised for you. It takes a lot of time, digging, and thinking to find great educational activities. But this is difficult due to a few constraints:

  1. Money Constraints - Most people aren’t able to pay to try a bunch of premium Math products & services. This leads to...

  2. Time Constraints - Searching for great learning solutions is time-consuming. You already have a demanding job & other commitments.

  3. Knowledge Constraints - It’s often hard to know what’s best for your child’s learning. You’re not a Math subject matter expert.

What does it all add up to? A high probability of making wrong decisions for your child’s learning you’ll regret.

Launching the 1on1Math Parent-And-Child Math Games Program

This is why 1on1Math is launching our monthly Parent-And-Child Math Games Program. It’s designed for busy parents who still want to play an active role in their child’s development. The program is an exciting monthly Math game for both parent and child to play together online. And it’s led by our experienced Math Coaches. The content of the Math game is personalised to what your child has been learning recently. So it presents an opportunity for your child to practice what they have learned. And it’s a chance for you to join them in their learning journey. You’ll be part of their team in the game, and you’ll get to see how much they are learning at 1on1Math.

More importantly, a 1on1Math parent will get a number of things:

  1. Quality Time With Your Child - Have the space and an activity to do something fun together.

  2. Assurance - Get to see how your child is being taught in a fun, safe & nurturing environment. Relax knowing you’re providing your child with the opportunities to reach their potential.

  3. Confidence - Get to know our experienced teachers who love teaching. Watch how they truly endeavour to teach your child to love learning.

  4. Deepen Your Knowledge - Learn how you can be giving your child support and best help your child at home.

  5. Good Times - Our Math Games experiences are so fun that often parents aren’t sure who’s having more fun - them or the kids!

The program is inspired by my time as a dad playing Math games with my kids. The challenge is that most parents don’t have the time to do the research. Or they simply don’t know how to make learning fun in a way that their child will enjoy learning Math and get better at it. And kids these days - Well, they mostly want to play games on their screens, don’t they? And very often kids don’t like to listen to their parents when they’re trying to teach them. The Parent-And-Child Program is a place where you can take part in your child’s learning. You get to participate in teaching your child problem-solving in an exciting way. And all while having fun and helping you build a beautiful bond with your child.


We are taking submissions now. We’ll be selecting two families each week over the next 6 weeks. If you are interested in more details on the program or would like to apply, check it out here.

Have questions? Just contact me through the chat box and I am happy to answer.

Tomer Neu-Ner Founder/CEO @ 1on1Math

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