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Games and activities to help you teach your kids Early Math

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Math can be a pretty stressful subject for both you and your kids but don’t worry, 1on1Math is here to the rescue!

With the right activities to ally you in your quest to make math fun, you can make your kids math lessons super fun activities to make sure they won't hate numbers.

“So what are the activities I can do to teach my kids Math in an enjoyable way?”

Here they are!

1. Play Math Bingo!

Turning grown up games into a kiddie version is very appealing to kids. This game is played like a regular Bingo game but the kids need to solve the problems in the sheet to get the number to be scratched from the Bingo card.

2. Mix art time with math

There are a lot of math lessons that will allow you and your kids incorporate it with art time. An example would be paper plate clocks. This activity is great in introducing time reading to little kids.

3. Guessing game

Kids love guessing games. In this activity, you can gather around the table different types of items that you will ask them to guess the weight. They can write their guesses in a paper and learn together the items' actual weight by using a weighing scale.

4. PE and Math in one

This is just an example of what you can do with your smart watch.

While you are on your family morning jog, ask your kids to monitor the number of steps he/she have made so far.

You may give him or her a goal to reach a specific number of steps per month and let him add, subtract, compute and compare his daily and weekly logs. This can also help in cultivating that goal setting mentality of your child. Giving a price at the end of the month if they reached their goal makes it more enjoyable.

5. Mix daily events with Math

Are you in a parking lot? Ask your kids to count the number of available spots... How many more spots are taken? How many red cars are parked?

Encourage them to imagine. Point to the nearby tree and ask to imagine how many fruits can fit into your pocket? After asking them the numbers, present a problem that will help them solving math solutions in real time. Say...

If we take 3 apples a day and a new 1 grows everyday, how many days does it take before all the apples run out?

There are many other creative ways to teach your kids Math the fun way. For more tips, subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly updates and tips from us at 1on1Math.

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