Games and activities to help you teach your kids Early Math

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Math can be a pretty stressful subject for both you and your kids but don’t worry, 1on1Math is here to the rescue!

With the right activities to ally you in your quest to make math fun, you can make your kids math lessons super fun activities to make sure they won't hate numbers.

“So what are the activities I can do to teach my kids Math in an enjoyable way?”

Here they are!

1. Play Math Bingo!

Turning grown up games into a kiddie version is very appealing to kids. This game is played like a regular Bingo game but the kids need to solve the problems in the sheet to get the number to be scratched from the Bingo card.

2. Mix art time with math

There are a lot of math lessons that will allow you and your kids incorporate it with art time. An example would be paper plate clocks. This activity is great in introducing time reading to little kids.

3. Guessing game