How to Make Learning Math Easier for Kids

Kids! How they love to play and always have fun! Given the choice, I’m sure they would choose play rather than anything else. They’d always choose what’s easy and fun.

It’s almost impossible to make them do something that feels difficult.

As adults, we have preconceived notions of the word “difficult”. Sometimes, we tend to forget that hard things for our kids are usually easy for us.

Sometimes we overlook them or expect them to learn things right away because after all, they’re “easy”.

When we do this, our kids learn to hate studying because learning becomes a chore.

A Difficult Chore!

We at 1on1Math take a different approach. We try to make learning the hard concepts of mathematics fun and easy for kids.

Want to learn how to do this? Here are 6 steps to make learning anything easier and more fun for your kids.

BONUS: We can also apply this to any “difficult” subject or concept. Applying these tips would cultivate the love of learning for your kids.


At 1on1Math we are big advocates of gamification. We even have our library of math games. Making things fun would make learning easier.

Why? Remember how kids naturally love to play? By making things fun, we make learning more natural for them.

Imagine, you get to have fun with your kids! Precious!