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Some apps and websites to aid you in teaching your kids Math

Technology with moderation and supervision can be good in instilling the value of learning to your kids.

Below are some Math apps that we can recommend for your kids to learn and practice solving Math problems.

We've limit this list to three so you won't get overwhelmed. :)

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a really good learning platform for kids as it offers a personal learning dashboard that will encourage kids to study at their own pace. Each lesson comes with instructional videos and exercises to test the kid's level of understanding per subject.

2. Splash Math App

Splash Math App can help your kids through its interactive contents. It focuses on building a strong foundation of math concepts like counting, place value, addition, identification, processing and solving math problems and as far as understanding charts.

3. Doodle Maths

Ideal for ages between 4-14 years old, doodle maths is a great app as it provides personalized math puzzles as your kid go along.

Start building your kids confidence and they will surely love math, one day at a time.

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