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Using the Number Rhyme System to ace your kids quizzes every single time! (Part 1)

There is this one magic trick that I use to impress kids (well, even adults) in a gathering. Give me 10 random things and in less than 2 minutes I can recite those 10 things to you in the correct, in the descending and in RANDOM order. 

This is a superpower and if you teach this trick to your kid/s, I can guarantee you that he/she will always have a perfect score on their quizzes. Every single time!

All you need is imagination and a system!

This is not cheating! It’s just utilizing our brains effectively so that we can memorize more efficiently. 

In this 3 part blog, I’m going to teach you the exact tricks that I use and how you can teach it to your kids.  Or use it to impress strangers. Your choice, I won’t tell anyone. ;)  We will also TEST your kid’s knowledge (or yours), and APPLY your newly learned useful magic Trick!

This is called the Number Rhyme System.

Before we proceed, I didn’t invent this system. This is actually a trick derived from Mnemonics that I learned more than10 years ago. I got this from Tony Buzan. He popularized the Mind Map system and is an advocate on improving the capacity of our minds. You can check his works at

First thing you need to memorize are the numbers 1-10 and the words that Rhyme with them. You can click on this link to download a cheat sheet of this or you can refer to the list below:











Again, you can click on this link to download your cheat sheet. We have also included images to help you better visualize and other several word replacement suggestions for you to choose from. 

What do we do with this list? 

First make sure to memorize it. If you can recite ‘Bun, Shoe, Tree, Door, Hive, Sticks, Heaven, Skate, Wine, and Hen’ in the correct order, without referring to the cheat sheet, you’re halfway done with this system. 

I highly suggest that you download the Cheat sheet here and work on memorizing these 10 Items. 

Memorizing this should be easy as each word rhymes with each number.  1 rhymes with Bun, 2 rhymes with shoe, 3 rhymes with tree, etc.

IMPORTANT: This trick won’t work if you can’t memorize these 10 Number Rhyme words. Please work on it.

Once you’ve memorized them, next thing to do is to visualize each word. By “Visualize” I don’t mean just think of the picture of the word in your head. No, this is something more specific and more effective than that. 

On part 2 of our Blog, I will give you the 4 step visualization technique. Learning this technique plus the ten words above will  make the whole process easier.  I’ll also explain the Linking System and how to use it effectively. After Part 2, you can already use the trick to your heart’s desire. 

Part 3 of our Blog would be a practical APPLICATION of this system, designed to test if you’ve learned the number rhyme system.

(BONUS) Want to memorize up to 20, 30, 40, 50 or more items?

We’ll also teach you how to do this on part 3 and we’ll even give you 50 random items to memorize. 

Seems scary? I promise that after you’ve implemented the Number-Rhyme System, memorizing 50 items or more would just be a walk in the park.

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Kimora Gould
Kimora Gould
Nov 04, 2020


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