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Using the Number Rhyme System to ace your kids quizzes every single time! (Part 2)

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

On part 1 of our blog, we have discussed what the number rhyme system is and where it came from. We have also discussed the 10 words that you should memorize in order to effectively use this not so magical but very amazing trick. 

Tip: Once you’ve memorized these 10 words, it will be very very easy for you to then memorize 50 or more Random words. We will discuss that on Part 3 of this blog.

If you haven’t read part 1 yet, I highly suggest that you read it first before proceeding. Here’s the link to part 1: Part 1

Also, our 10 word cheat sheet can be downloaded in this link.

Once you’ve memorized the 10 words, we should learn how to effectively visualize

4 Step Visualization Technique

The way we will visualize is not like the normal visualization that we know. We will use the 4 step visualization method. Here’s a printable wall poster to help you fully remember our 4 step visualization technique.

We’ll use “Bun” as an example to illustrate our visualization.  Let’s begin!

Use your 5 senses

The more we link 2 or more senses together, the more effective it works! For “Bun” Imagine it to be freshly baked and soft. Imagine the taste of that bread,  and the smell! Oh the smell! Did you touch it? It’s newly baked. Be careful! What’s it’s color? Was it cooked to perfection? Slightly burned or just needs a bit of cooking?

Use Exaggeration

There are many ways to add exaggeration in our visualization. You have to actually make it weird! For the Bun, Imagine that it’s too small, it can fit in your pocket. Or too BIG. It was just normal sized when it came out of the Oven but slowly increased in size, Or too hot you can’t put on a plate or else the plate will melt. 

Use Humor

The smell was so great, 20 of your neighbors went to your home just to get a taste.  You can think of anything funny and it to your visualization

Use Extreme Emotions

We can make it scary, like, when you touch the bun, a horror music plays. it stops if you get your hands off.  Or sad, everyone who eats the bun, can’t stop crying. Or even so Gross. I can’t give an example to that!

What do we do now? It would be easier to explain this if we already have a set of random words to work with. Let’s establish that first. Here we go:

1. Eyeglasses

2. Macintosh

3. Watch

4. Android Phone

5. Aunt

6. Police

7. Blueberry Jam

8. Book

9. Earth

10. Pillow

Our next step is to link our list to our 10 number rhyme word. We should link them using the 4 Step visualization technique that we discussed earlier.

Here’s how it looks like:

1 - Bun - eyeglasses

2 - Shoe - Macintosh

3 - Tree- Watch

4 - Door - Android Phone

5 - Hive - Aunt 

6 - Sticks - Police

7 - Heaven - Blueberry Jam

8 - Skate - Book

9 - Wine - Earth

10 - Hen - pillow

That’s it! 

If somebody calls out any random number, you should be able to visualize the rhyming word of that number and then visualize what was linked. 

If you can effectively link the random list to our number rhyme words effectively using our 4 Step Visualization technique, then you have already learned this trick and I can guarantee you that you will Ace your exams. Well, just the ones requiring memorizations. 

On Part 3 of our Blog, I will show you how to EXACTLY implement the 4 Step Visualization Technique to our Random List and our Number Rhyme words. 

We will also have a mini Quiz on this matter. Don’t worry it’s very easy! 

I’ll also give you additional Tricks on how to apply this to memorize 50 numbers or more. 

See you on Part 3!

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