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Using the Number Rhyme System to ace your kids quizzes every single time! (Part 3)

On part 1 of our blog we have discussed what the number rhyme system is and where it came from. We have also discussed the 10 words that you should memorize in order to effectively use this not so magical but very amazing trick.

On Part 2, We discussed the nitty gritty of the trick.

If you haven’t read them yet. I highly suggest that you stop reading this and go back to the previous blogs. 

In this Blog, we will test what you have learned. Don’t worry, before the test, I’ll be handholding you first on ho to put it all together. Ready?

Here’s our Random List and Number Rhyme words together.

1 - Bun - eyeglasses

2 - Shoe - Macintosh

3 - Tree- Watch

4 - Door - Android Phone

5 - Hive - Aunt 

6 - Sticks - Police

7 - Heaven - Blueberry Jam

8 - Skate - Book

9 - Wine - Earth

10 - Hen - pillow

How do we link them all together with our visualization technique? 

1 - Bun - eyeglasses

If you have an eyeglasses, imagine, getting it. It feels warm, then you started smelling it. Hmm.. It smells like bread! Now eat it! (Just in your imagination of course). 

Your eyeglasses suddenly turned into a bread!

2 - Shoe - Macintosh

You are walking but then something feels weird on your shoes, like you are stepping on aluminum. You suddenly stopped and decided to remove your shoes. You found out that there is a Mac Computer in there, you removed it from the shoes and it actually totally wrecked your shoes.

3 - Tree- Watch

Imagine walking in a park, then you saw a tree. You spoke to it, asking for the time. Then it answered back “It’s 2:30PM. Why don’t you pick from my fruits”. To your surprise, it bears “Watches” as Fruits.

4 - Door - Android Phone

You were in a room, then a cellphone rings. You tried to trace where the sound comes from, it’s from the Door. It’s not just a door, the Door is the Phone. It is an Android Phone. You unlocked it using BIIIG Gestures, and it showed the Android Logo and theme. 

If somebody calls out any random number, you should be able to visualize the rhyming word of that number and then visualize what was linked. 


Now It’s your turn to do numbers 5-10. Go back to reading once you’re done.


Examination time.. 

* Can you recite the list in Correct Order?

* How about in opposite order

* Now the 6th

* The 10th

* The 8th

* The 4th

* The 1st

* The 3rd

If you’ve answered everything correctly, then you, my Padawan, has grown into a full Memorizing Jedi!


Want to be a Memorizing Master Jedi?

Up for a challenge to memorize 50 or more random items?

How? We just need to add a theme. 

A theme?

Yes a Theme. 

We still use our Number Rhyme System but but we add a theme.


For 11-20 we add a Snow theme.

For 21-30 we add a Fire theme.

For 31-40 we add a Jelly Theme

11 would be Bun with snow, 12 would be shoe with Snow, etc.

It’s up to you to make your own theme that you can easily remember. So let’s say number 34 in our list is Blanket and 35 is Hair

34- Door - Blanket - Jelly

When you got home, before opening the door, you suddenly saw that there is a blanket, you try to remove that blanket but every time you pull it, it seems like it’s jelly, squishy and it just smells and taste like jelly.

35 - Hive - Hair

You hear Bees Buzzing, trying to find the source of the sound, you find a Bee hive made of Jelly, and with Hair. Or on the inside of the Hive is hair. 

It’s not so pleasant to imagine but it makes it more memorable and effective!

Now try it for yourself. Here’s a list from 1-50.

Want to get this in a pdf file for individual printing? Kindly leave us your email address and we'll be happy to send this to you.

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